How does a UV-Buddy product work?

How does a UV-Buddy product work?

All UV-Buddy accessories and jewellery items use state of the art colour changing beads containing different pigments that change colour when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light from any source, including the sun.

The beads are all white in normal visible light. In ultraviolet light, depending on the pigment added to each bead, you will see different colours. Each bead will change colour about 50,000 times before the pigment will no longer respond to UV light.


When wearing our jewellery or accessories, you will be able to determine how much ultraviolet light you are being exposed to. None of the energy in the ultraviolet is visible to the naked eye but our accessories will make you aware of its presence. Just as there are many different colours in the visible spectrum of light, including red, yellow, green and blue, there are also many different wavelengths of ultraviolet light.

Our ultraviolet reactive beads are perfect for raising your awareness of how UV radiation can be harmful to your skin and allow you to take preventative measures to reduce the risks associated with exposure to ultraviolet radiation. As you will no doubt know, excessive exposure of the skin to sunlight will cause it to either burn or tan, and any good doctor will warn you that this is not healthy. Ultraviolet light can cause your skin tissue to wrinkle over time, and prolonged exposure can eventually lead to more serious conditions or even skin cancer. It is vitally important that we realise the dangers of exposure to strong ultraviolet light and take measures to protect ourselves.

Regularly wearing an accessory or jewellery item from UV-Buddy will allow you to monitor the strength of the ultraviolet energy your skin is being exposed to. When your beads are very vibrant in colour you will know when to cover up or apply sunscreen.

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