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Personal UV-Buddy Photos

We want to see your UV-Buddy out and about....

Give us wild,
Give us whacky, Give us exotic or just simply homely shots of your accessories!

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with either a photo, or if you prefer a short film of your accessory changing instantly from white when they pick up UV wherever you are.

A brief comment would be appreciated of where it was taken and your thoughts of your UV Awareness accessory!

So to start us off here is Managing Director Gemma Hanbidge-Stoddern 
"I always wear my pretty with a purpose UV-Buddy accessories no matter what day of the week, time of year or where I am. People may think I am biased and I admit, of course I am UV-Buddy rocks \../"

Miami Beach Florida USA Las Vegas USA


Lake Garda Italy

“My uv-buddy bracelet was the first thing I packed when I went on holiday to Italy. As well as looking great, it makes sure I stay sun-safe (here we are on Lake Garda)” - Amanda Eva



"UV Alert at Curaçao in the Caribbean!"

Please note by emailing us your photo/clip you are granting us permission to upload it to this page


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