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UV Exposure Guide

Regular exposure to high levels of ultraviolet light can damage your skin and eyes over time, and you should always protect yourself when possible. We recommend wearing one of our accessories to warn you when UV levels are high. Below is a guide that shows how our accessories react to ultraviolet light under different weather conditions

For this example we will assume that you have our Purple beads on your items, but of course the principles below apply to all of our ultraviolet reactive beads.


uv buddy cloud and rain icon low levels of ultraviolet (uv) radiation Pale bead colour
uv buddy partial cloud icon medium levels of ultraviolet (uv) radiation Medium bead colour
uv buddy sunshine icon high levels of ultraviolet (uv) raditation Vivid bead colour

If you are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors and your beads are regularly showing up with vivid colour, then we would strongly recommend that you wear a protective sunscreen and good quality sunglasses.


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